Facilities Survey

As part of our Facilities Planning Process, every WYSC member organization is requested to submit a Facilities Survey form once per season. In the past, we requested them at the end of each season, along with the bills. In an effort to be more responsive we will now encourage member organizations to submit them online as often as they like and whenever they like.

We hope this will allow good ideas not to be missed and problems to be identified as early as possible. When you submit the form it goes directly to operations planners. They will provide an acknowledgment of receiving the form as well as the process for dealing with any requests. They will also collect the forms for review and action at an Operations Council meeting (consisting of representatives from the Webster Central School District, Town of Webster, and Webster Youth Sports Council) consistent with the WYSC Business Process Calendar.

Remember: Failure to submit a form at least once per season implies satisfaction with the in-season experience as well as the facilities provided.

We urge you to use this system to help improve the overall Webster Community sports facility experience.

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