Downtime Protocol

The WCSD has implemented a policy of 2 months of “downtime” for each interscholastic sport it offers. Downtime is important for student athletes’ bodies that are still growing and developing. Downtime enhances the athlete’s ability to recover following a season of practices and competition, helping prevent overuse and repetitive motion injuries. Downtime does not mean inactivity. The WCSD strongly encourages student athletes to engage in cross-training and participation in different sports and other fitness activities during these months. During the official downtime, the WCSD or the Town of Webster will not sponsor an athletic program in that sport, nor will school/town facilities be available to non-school programs in these sports. The downtime months in the attachment below are provided as a guideline and may be reviewed and adjusted by school athletic directors on a case-by-case basis.

Effective in the fall of 2013, WYSC Organizations also implement 2 months of downtime for each sport.

Link to the Downtime Protocol document.