Webster Youth Sports and Webster Central School announce NEW downtime policy (October 2019)

WCSD (Webster Central School District) and WYSC (Webster Youth Sports Council) has implemented a policy of two (2) months of “down-time” for each interscholastic and youth sport it offers. The term “down-time” means that during this period there is to be no organized (mandatory or optional) WCSD or WYSC specific sport activity (as outlined per the table below) by any member (head coach, assistant coach,  board member, or affiliate) including but not limited to: sport specific training, weight training, and conditioning. Team bonding and off field activities are allowed (including but not limited to holiday parties, informational sessions, team building).  Down-time enhances the athlete’s ability to recover following a season of practices, competition, helping prevent overuse and repetitive motion injuries. Down-time does not mean inactivity. WCSD and WYSC strongly encourages student athletes to engage in cross-training and participation in different sports and other fitness activities during these months not related to their individual sport. The down-time months below are provided as a guideline and may be reviewed and adjusted by the school athletic directors and president of the WYSC on a case by case basis.

Sport Downtime
Baseball-school November-December
Baseball-youth November-December
Basketball-school May-June
Basketball-youth May-June
Bowling March-April
Cheer-School April-May
Cheer-youth May-June
Cross Country November-December
Field Hockey November-December
Football-school November-December
Football-youth January-February
Golf November-December
Ice Hockey-school April-May
Ice Hockey-youth May-June
Lacrosse-school-M November-December
Lacrosse-youth-M November-December
Lacrosse-school W November-December
Lacrosse-youth-W November and January
Soccer-school November-December
Soccer-youth January-February  Soccer – FC Dynamo – mid August – mid October
Skiing March-April
Softball-school October-November
Softball-youth October-November
Tennis November-December
Track May-June
Volleyball November-December
Wrestling-school May-April
Wrestling-youth May-June

Effective, October 1, 2019 any organization found in violation of the mandatory down-time guidelines will be subject to review of the WCSD athletic directors and WYSC president.

It will be the discretion of the WCSD athletic directors to the penalty and enforcement of the interscholastic teams.

Members of the WYSC found in violation of this policy will face the following penalty at the organization level, not the individual team level. Final decisions will be made by the President and Vice president of the WYSC. Penalties will reset after one year of adherence.

o   Organization offense #1- Written warning from the WYSC President effective for one year from the date of warning

o   Organization offense #2- Financial one-time penalty in the amount of $100 payable to the WYSC

o   Organization offense #3- Loss of WYSC priority status for scheduling Webster facilities for the period of one year (facility booking will occur at same time as public)

o   Organization offense #4- Organization loss of WYSC facility rates for the period of one year